Hummustown helps refugees in Rome gain economic independence by providing them with a dignified income generating job opportunity: to cook, package and deliver delicious Syrian food around Rome.

“Despite whatever expertise or skills refugees bring from their home country, they are at an immediate disadvantage because they don’t speak the language and they don’t have the network of support that would allow them to explore income opportunities,” says the founder Shaza, “The best way for these refugees to start earning an honest, dignified income is to allow them to offer the one skill that transcends all boundaries – the rich culinary tradition of Syria.”

Hummustown design for migration rome
Launched in March of 2017, Hummustown provides Syrian refugees in Rome with a chance to achieve economic independence. “Every day, Hummustown gives these hard-working people the opportunity to cook and distribute delicious food all around Rome. Since its inception, this initiative has helped more than ten refugees become more financially independent and, by extension, more integrated into Roman life,” explains Shaza.
Hummustown design for migration rome
Provided by Syrian refugees who specialise mainly in levantine dips and have several distribution points around the capital, including at the city’s UN agencies.

Hummustown is a project run by Shaza Saker, a Syrian-Italian living in Rome, currently works for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.