Lampedusa Cruises


Lampedusa Cruises: a collective with members from Egypt, Eritrea, the Netherlands, Syria, and Sudan. The mission: to use the traditional Dutch love of sailing as a way to meet others, teach them about how important immigration has been in Amsterdam’s past, and integrate migrants in Dutch culture. Welcome to Lampedusa Cruises.

Lampedusa Cruises organizes alternative tours and cruises in and around Amsterdam on ‘Alhadj Djumaa’: a vessel departed Egypt on the 25th of July 2013, headed for Lampedusa. It’s only 12m by 4m, but it carried 282 passengers โ€“ 217 Eritreans and 65 Ethiopians. Written on the back: “road of safety, way of peace”.
In between the oil barrels, life jackets and clothes left behind on board, we found a book of sheet music for guitar. Using this book, ‘Method Modern Guitare – Par Joseph Ichkhanian’, our resident guitarist will sometimes play a song during a cruise or crossing. Come sail with them!

Lampedusa Cruises Amsterdam migrant refugees design for migration

People are welcome on Lampedusa Cruises Canal Tour, where they can listen to stories about how immigration shaped Amsterdam city, or stop by for some Friday afternoon relaxation โ€“ to share a meal, some music, and our stories.

Lampedusa Cruises Amsterdam migrant refugees design for migration

Lampedusa Cruises it’s entirely free to get on board โ€“ yes, you read that right! But since it’s run by all volunteers, donations help them to keep the boats afloat and the gas tanks full. If you can drop them a few euros, it’d really make their day!