November 10th 2017, the Aquarius ship is ready to sail from Catania for a new one mission in the Mediterranean. It hurts those who, in desperation, face the sea on dilapidated dinghies. On board, for the first time, there are also two cartoonists: Marco Rizzo and Lelio Bonaccorso.
design for migration Marco Rizzo Lelio Bonaccorso SalvezzaSalvation is their story of those who flee and those who save. The Aquarius is the white and orange ship with which the operators of SOS Mediterranée help migrants off Libya: orange is the color of the jackets of rescue, it is the color of hope.
design for migration Marco Rizzo Lelio Bonaccorso SalvezzaThis story comes from the testimonies collected by Marco Rizzo and Lelio Bonaccorso. There they are themselves, with their faces and their emotions, but above all there are the journeys of who has traveled the desert in search of a better life, the denunciations of those who fled from the war and remained a prisoner in Libya, the stories of those who made it and the smiles of those he saved their lives.
design for migration Marco Rizzo Lelio Bonaccorso Salvezza
Salvation is a work of graphic journalism born in the field. A tough, realistic and poetic reminder. But above all, faced with the worst massacre of our time, it is an invitation to remain human.

Journalist and writer, Marco Rizzo has signed a graphic novel on Peppino Impastato, Ilaria Alpi, Mauro Rostagno, Che Guevara, Jank Karski and Marco Pantani. Author of
essays and surveys, has collaborated, among others, with "La Lettura", "l'Unità" and "Wired" and has written the fairy tales of civil commitment The mafia explained to the children, The immigration explained to children and ecology explained to children. He has recently published his first
novel, The female scirocco (Laurana, 2018).

Lelio Bonaccorso, with texts by Marco Rizzo, has designed Peppino Impastato - Un jester against the mafia, Primo, Jan Karski, Que Viva and Che Guevara, The Mafia explained to children, Immigration explained to children and The Passenger. Bonaccorso he is also the author, with Fabio Brucini, of Sinai, a comic reportage created among the tribes
tuareg of Egypt. Still as a draftsman, he collaborated with the other with Marvel, DC Comics, Glénat, Sergio Bonelli Editore and Disney.