The right to warm clothing to protect people’s lives. The Sheltersuit is the icon. This combination of jacket, sleeping bag and storage bag enables survival in harsh weather conditions. But Sheltersuit is more: the materials used are ‘upcycled’, it is low-threshold thanks to donations of materials by partners, the production from ‘people to people’ whereby refugees, homeless people and people with a distance to the labor market are committed for the fellow in need.

Sheltersuit design for migration

Started in 2014, the Sheltersuit team now consists of 73 hard-working people who all contribute in their own way to a better, more social society. From volunteers to homeless people, and from refugees to people who need special care, they are all part of the team.

Sheltersuit design for migration

The foundation itself has made great strides in terms of professionalization. The Sheltersuit Foundation is now located in an industrial business complex, Spinnerij Oosterveld, from which several creative startups work.

Sheltersuit design for migration
In addition to producing Sheltersuits, the foundation has also developed a second goal: increasing job opportunities for people with special needs. By creating jobs at Sheltersuit, people are given tools to actively participate in the labor market. Volunteers also receive guidance and training to increase their chances of a paid job at other companies.

After Bas Timmer completes his fashion training, he decided to use his talents for the Sheltersuit project. The reason for was the tragic story of the death of his best friend’s father. The man was homeless and died in the street due to hypothermia. Bas decided to create a durable and free sleeping bag that would protect the homeless from the cold. Sheltersuit’s biggest dream and ultimate goal is to make an impact worldwide and to inspire people to help each other.