Hummustown design for migration rome


Hummustown helps refugees in Rome gain economic independence by providing them with a dignified income generating job opportunity: to cook, package and deliver delicious Syrian food around Rome. “Despite whatever … Continue readingHummustown

Beautiful mess refugee company Design for migration

A Beautiful Mess

To provide people with a refugee background the opportunity to participate in society Refugee Company​ founded the restaurant A Beautiful Mess. We offer our people a safe space where they … Continue readingA Beautiful Mess

Vademecum Cinzia Bongin migrant refugees design for migration


Vadem&cum is a guide to the contemporary human migrations. {vade mecum is from the Latin word vāde mēcum; literally, go with me. A book or a manual for ready reference}. … Continue readingVadem&cum

Confine philip di salvo mattia vacca giovanni marchi design for migration confine como migration refugees crisis


A book about how the Italian city of Como and its railway station, on the border between Italy and Switzerland, became a refugee camp. In the summer of 2016, hundreds … Continue readingConfine

talking hands fabrizio urettini zanellato bortotto matteo zorzenoni treviso migrant refugees design for migration

Talking Hands

A self-managed workshop, in one of the many spaces inside of the former military base “Caserma Piave” where a group of asylum seekers and refugees express themselves with handwork discovering … Continue readingTalking Hands