Vademecum Cinzia Bongin migrant refugees design for migration


Vadem&cum is a guide to the contemporary human migrations. {vade mecum is from the Latin word vāde mēcum; literally, go with me. A book or a manual for ready reference}. … Continue readingVadem&cum

Fuori di qui Enrico Battaglia migrant refugees design for migration

Fuori di qui

“Fuori di qui” is an illustrated book about the bureaucratic situation and the existential condition of refugees in Italy. It describes the real experience of Enrico Battaglia living with five asylum seekers in … Continue readingFuori di qui

El Dorado

An installation that wants to debunk public opinions about foreigners in Italy. Starting from the most widespread prejudices, Max Samuel Hornäcker tries to provide transparent information about the Italians and … Continue readingEl Dorado