Habibi-Dome,-Pop-Up-Structure-in-Munich,-together-with-werkraum-Munich_-concert- design for migration

Habibi Dome

Habibi Dome is a collective process and platform at the same time. It is a collaborative and interdisciplinary practice which is considered as an instrument for constructive criticism as well … Continue readingHabibi Dome

solo in cartolina design for migration

Solo in cartolina

Solo in cartolina (only in the postcard) is a social-design campaign that denounces the migrant’s deaths at the Mediterranean sea, supporting the NGO safety activities. 2018 witnessed an increase in … Continue readingSolo in cartolina

Hummustown design for migration rome


Hummustown helps refugees in Rome gain economic independence by providing them with a dignified income generating job opportunity: to cook, package and deliver delicious Syrian food around Rome. “Despite whatever … Continue readingHummustown

Beautiful mess refugee company Design for migration

A Beautiful Mess

To provide people with a refugee background the opportunity to participate in society Refugee Company​ founded the restaurant A Beautiful Mess. We offer our people a safe space where they … Continue readingA Beautiful Mess

stregoni johnny mox above the tree design for migration


How much do we know about the stories and the music that migrants bring to our cities? Stregoni (Sorcerers) is an attempt to understand, through the language of sound, what … Continue readingStregoni


COSMO is a range of objects produced by designers and artisans who’ve fled their countries of origin. Its focus is on mutual exchange of knowledge between artisans who have fled … Continue readingCosmo

Cucula migrant refugees design for migration


CUCULA – Refugees Company for Crafts and Design is a Berlin based project model enabling refugees to create a future career for themselves. CUCULA sees itself as an artistic experimental … Continue readingCucula