Migration is one of the most urgent topics in our society. It is a phenomenon of our human condition, which, in Italy and Europe, will be present into the next decades: moreover, migration is significantly influencing the current Western world political agenda, as well our perception of the โ€œothersโ€ and โ€œdiversityโ€.
In recent years some important projects demonstrate how design deals with the migration issues by supporting the opening of debates, facilitating the social integration among communities, contrasting the misinformation and letting alternative narratives emerge. Such projects are important and, in current circumstances, are urgent, to raise awareness, to offer a more approachable way to complex issues, to reduce fear and tension by exposure to others, and to the cultural notion of diversity.

Design for Migration is a blog platform that aims to collect exemplary projects in a single place, to make them available to a wider concerned audience, and to support and connect the work of other creative people working in the same domain.

This platform is open to evaluate any contribution that addresses migration issues through a design perspective.